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 AVA Sunrise Phase

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PostSubject: AVA Sunrise Phase   AVA Sunrise Phase EmptySun Dec 13, 2015 7:34 pm


Hey Bannerpeople!

This post is reserved for Questions and Answers I’ll be sharing with all of you. In the meantime, if you have any Qs you FA and want to know (about Sunrise phase only) you can add them here and we’ll answer them as soon as we can.

Thank you all!

Q: When will the Sunrise Phase start and finish?
A: The Sunrise Phase runs from Tuesday December 15th at 11am (16:00 UTC) until Tuesday December 22nd at 11am (16:00 UTC).

Q: Will the camp contributions be reduced for the Sunrise Phase?
A: Yes, the camp upgrade materials (including spoils) are reduced by 50% for the Sunrise Phase.

Q: Why did you guys decide to call this phase Sunrise? (just curiosity)
A: According to Maxmillion “It sounded cool. AvA is getting started, and we’re ironing out the bugs, adding more polish and improvements. It feels like a ramping up.”

Q: Will the low sworn sword replacement cost and not losing levels on sworn sword death that we saw in the beta phases be on for this phase as well?
A: Yes, reviving SS will remain at 100 Silver for this phase.

Q: Can you confirm that Sunrise will use Fireborn spoils without them needing to be converted in the guild?
A: Yes, that is correct. So that players don’t have to convert their Fireborn spoils, the Sunrise phase will directly use the Fireborn spoils. With the start of the Sunrise phase, Fireborn Spoils will be renamed on the back-end so that they are displayed as Sunrise Spoils in order to make their purpose clear. This is not replacing the spoil items in the conversion sense, merely changing the displayed text on already-owned items.

Q: What is going on with the Android version, is it still being hammered out or just awaiting approval?
A: It is still undergoing some work, and will not be available in time for the Sunrise Phase.

Q: Nod mentioned that some improvements were made to fix wound/timer issues, can you guys clarify this?
A: Yes, he was speaking about a fix we thought we had made with the timers desynching (the garrison record disagreeing with the SS record). We had a temporary fix which we thought would work but, the fix was not ideal so we’re still working on a better one.



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AVA Sunrise Phase
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