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 Officer Position Suggestions

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PostSubject: Officer Position Suggestions   Officer Position Suggestions EmptySun Oct 26, 2014 5:09 pm

OK the idea of having officers with duties came up as well.

This thread is only for discussion of what type of officers positions ya'll think will benefit us as a group.

We are looking for a description of duties, a suggested title, and justification for why you distributed the task as you did.

NO NOMINATIONS IN THIS THREAD. If you try to nominate certain people it will be deleted.

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Officer Position Suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Re: Officer Position Suggestions   Officer Position Suggestions EmptyMon Oct 27, 2014 7:38 am

You could always run it like a business.

Better names than these can be given, but just thinking about the roles:

Chief Executive Officer/s - Leader/s of the group. Set the overall strategy, hold everyone to account, final say on matters of war and peace.

Chief Operations Officer/s - War Chiefs/In charge of logistics. Direct attacks during AVA. Compile a list of who works in which timezones around the world with a view to have attacks etc running around the clock at the right targets. Implements the strategy set by CEOs

Chief Intelligence Officer/s - run the spy teams, keep a single view of all alliances above and below us, which camps they have, what their levels are, numbers, damage etc. Feed the information to CEOs/COOs to help with strategy and attacks.

Chief Financial Officer/s - Like all good CFO's, keep hold of the purse strings. In this case, that would be resources. Take charge of the crafting teams and ensure we have the resources needed to level the camps in AVA.

Chief Marketing Officer/s - Could be a dual marketing/public relations role. Liaise with other alliances, spruik our strengths. Explain what having us as an ally would bring to the table. Build relationships. Take note of those who turn us down as potential enemies.

Chief People Officer/s - Someone to keep their finger on the pulse of our alliance. Are we driving our people too hard? Any grievances? Someone to take issues to and represent the people.

Alliance Mentors - A group of the more experiences players in the alliance who can act as mentors and provide tips/tricks/guidance to the newer players looking to improve their game.

There's probably more, but that's just a few thoughts I had.

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Officer Position Suggestions
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